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thrifting and bathroom selfies


Night vibes on the ride back to hometown

Vintage leather, thrasher t, various pins from shows and one from a scavenger hunt (those who know, know)
Scowl, sucked in cheeks, and furrowed brow are just icing on the try-hard-poser cake

Some cool art today

Two no signature oil portraits

A self portrait done in 1967 by a woman that as far as I can tell has something to do with the fantastic mr fox premier? (My google-fu is weak right now)

A cashmere blend loro piana crewneck that had the tags ripped off (learn your makers tags kids this was 3.99 right next to 12.99 Joseph a bank sh*t)

Brooks brother x-long navy silk twill for my restrictive lengthy torso needs


1. Trying on winter stuff over tank tops
2. What I actually wore today
Iron heart: thrifted, lvc eBay, Polo Italy: eBay

Second one is my last selfie in my old place…


Second night, moved in, checking out the neighborhood.
Dusk vibes are back
Oakland is chill, and so are kids parks at night ESPECIALLY when the photos of you climbing on them make you look like a spindly sack of bones #blessed



1. Hanes, James Perse, adidas +gross gutter slag vibes

2. Zegna 15mil15 fabric su misura tux I got in a trade (this is pre tailoring) it needs some wait nipping action and some pants tapering (just down to a 8in) but for sub $100 total it’s a couple tho’ tux that will fit me almost perfect (I don’t actually own a ton of formalwear this is just replacing my old tux and I no longer have any odd jackets)


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